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Ron VanDewoestine

Ron VanDewoestine

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08/10/14 01:54 PM #6    

Jacqueline Atkinson (Atkinson)

It is very sad when we lose our of our own, especially when there seems to be no specific reason.

I was happy to see him at our reunion and I am sure everyone there was grateful to see him as well.  He obviously had a very interesting life and was well liked by his staff and patients. Rest in peace Doctor VanDewoestine, you will be missed.


08/10/14 03:59 PM #7    

Nancy Cummings (Cummings)

I am so sorry to hear about Ron's passing.  I remember him well from high school--always quick on the uptake, clever and witty.  My condolences to his family, close friends, and staff.

08/11/14 09:36 AM #8    

Karen Swenson (Burns)

So very sorry to hear of Ron's passing. However, as others have mentioned, what a blessing that we were all able to see him again at the reunion. His family is in my prayers.

08/11/14 04:58 PM #9    

Cathy Wojtkun

If you'd like to leave a condolence message for the family, the site is...

Ron came to the Friday AHS school tour, and being part of a small group was wonderful in that everyone had so much time to really catch up with each other and recall old times. As we walked through the halls, Ron was one who regaled us of the antics that others did in certain teacher's classrooms (although others remembered Ron being part of those antics) and kept us laughing and remembering great times at AHS. Reading the other condolence messages posted on the funeral home page showed Ron well--his willingness to go the gauntlet for his patients; his continuing the flight exams in civilian life that he also did in Vietnam; his love for medicine; his strong opinions about certain topics; and his love for his family.  Ron was special then in many ways--and is still special my thoughts of him today and always. ( Those angels had better be prepared for Ron's flight exams).  Thanks for the memories, Ron, and thanks for that Friday's smiles and laughter!  You are missed!

08/11/14 05:18 PM #10    

Pamela Richardson

I am COMPLETELY stunned. Perhaps Ron was meant to come to his first ever AHS reunion.

08/11/14 07:44 PM #11    

Nancy Hart (O'Brien)

I am also saddeded to hear of Ron's passing. We had a very fun time hanging out & talking & arguing during reunion. Good to know he had such a full & exciting life & a quick passing. God bless.

08/11/14 10:20 PM #12    

Ginny Hall (Dickens)


Ron Van Dewoestine passed away May 27, 2014.  He was born in Ontario, Oregon to Vernon and Margaret Van Dewoestine August 10, 1945.  Ron graduated with his B.A. from Dartmouth College and received his M.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.  He served in the United States Army and was stationed in Vietnam in 1973 as a Flight Surgeon.  He was honorably discharged with rank of Major in 1977 at which time he relocated to Riverside and began his civilian medical career with the Family Practice Group at Riverside Community Hospital.  In 1982 he opened his solo practice serving his patients and community until the time of his passing.  He is survived by his wife Diana; son Eric and his wife Kathy; daughter Hope; as well as his brother Rob and wife Barbara.  He is also survived by his two nieces, Jill and Karen.

08/12/14 08:07 AM #13    

Kevin Lynch

Like everyone else, I am very sorry to hear of Ron's passing. I was glad I got to see him at the reunion and spend some time talking with him.

08/14/14 09:56 AM #14    

Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

How sad it was to hear that Ron had passed. We must all live each day as it is our last. Reach out to your

loved ones and tell them you care about them.

Rest in peace Ron and I send my deepest sympathy to his family.


08/15/14 11:14 AM #15    

Mary Passanisi (Gonsalves)

Ron accomplished so much and helped so many people in his lifetime.  He was a good example to so many have goals and work towards them, help as many people along the way that you can...and love your family.  He was all those things.  Its so sad to hear he has passed...he truly was a remarkable man!!  And he will definitely be missed.  Rest in peace Ron!!!

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